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New Chairs

It’s finally here! The day we replace the old chairs in the Y.A. corner of the library. Now we have three nice new comfy chairs. Come in and give them a try!


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New In the Teen Corner


Check out our new furniture and rugs! If you haven’t been in to the library in the last couple of months, make sure to come in soon. Our teen area needed a makeover, so I got a new table and four chairs, new coffee tables, and new fun rugs. Next up, I’ll hopefully be replacing our three lounge chairs as soon as I can find some that will fit in our teen corner. Come in and enjoy!

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Some new nonfiction books

Did you know we have a nonfiction section in the YA corner? We have memoirs by teens, cookbooks, books about money, jobs, stress, bullying, college and a lot more. Check out this section at the bottom of the first bookshelf in the YA corner.

UFOInvestigationsManual UFO investigations manual : UFO investigations from 1892 to the present day
YA 001.942 WATSON
UFOs have been a global phenomenon from the late 19th century to the present day, and this Haynes manual will examine many UFO investigations worldwide by looking at the government reports – both official and secret – that have attempted to explain the ‘otherworldly’.
BPlusGrades B+ grades, A+ college application : how to present your strongest self, write a stand-out admissions essay, and get into the perfect school for you
This alternative college admissions guide gives non-straight-A students advice on how to identify, gain admittance to, and pay for the schools that will allow them to flourish.
Popular Popular, a memoir : vintage wisdom for a modern geek
YA 155.533 WAGENEN
Stuck at the bottom of the social ladder, Maya Van Wagenen decided tobegin a unique social experiment: spend the school year following a 1950s popularity guide. Can curlers, girdles, and a strand of pearls help Maya on her quest to be popular?

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Teen Magazines

Hey, did you know we’ve got magazines is the teen section of the library? Check these out, and if you think we should be getting a magazine you don’t see here, comment me!

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Have Book…

HaveBookWillTravelGetting excited about summer reading? Sign-up starts on Monday, but you can come in to the library now and check out our display of travel-themed books in the teen section of the library. Road trips, teens studying abroad, trips by bike, boat and plane – they’re all there. So whether or not you’re traveling this summer, check out a book to help take you away!

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Memories Lost or Stolen

Come in to the library’s YA Corner to check out our new display of books featuring amnesia. Whether their memories were lost or stolen, these characters are trying to piece together the past. Here’s a small sample of the books on display…

Slated Slated
In a future England, sixteen-year-old Kyla is one of the “slated,” those whose memories have been erased usually because they have committed serious crimes, but as she observes more and more strange events, she also gains more memories which put her and her boyfriend, Ben in danger.
As I Wake
Ava awakens with amnesia and a feeling that her life is somehow wrong, but when mysterious Morgan appears, her flashbacks of life as a government spy start to make sense.
One Moment
Maggie remembers little about the accidental death of her boyfriend, but as she slowly begins to recall that day at the gorge with their long-time friends, she realizes he was keeping some terrible secrets.
White Cat
When Cassel discovers that his brothers have used him to carry out their criminal schemes and then stolen his memories, he finds a way to turn their machinations against them.
The morning after an epic party, Jane wakes up paralyzed after a hit-and-run. Everyone believes it was an accident, until Jane’s memories start to resurface.

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Be On the Lookout

Magazine fans, be on the lookout for a few new mags coming your way in the next few months. If you didn’t know we even had teen magazines, be sure to check out the spinning rack in the YA Corner, where we already have Alternative Press, Seventeen, BMX Plus, Teen Vogue, Justine, Transworld Skateboarding, Spin, Mad, Teen Voices, Game Informer, and J-14.

Here are our newest titles, coming soon!

Otaku USA
 Sad about Shonen Jump’s jump to online-only? Check out Otaku USA, which features “…comprehensive coverage of manga, anime, videogames and Japanese pop culture written from an American point of view. Otaku USA also publishes 32 pages of the hottest manga previews from the top publishers.” —

Girls’ Life “Each issue of GL is packed with the stuff girls crave—real information and advice—from academic success to peer pressure to time-management and stress-relieving tips … Girls’ Life also features: Beauty and fashion features, fun and revealing quizzes, exclusive celebrity interviews, cringe-worthy embarrassing moments” and more! —

WWE Magazine
“WWE Magazine goes behind the scenes and beyond the ring to offer fans incredible and exclusive WWE content. Dive inside the WWE with in-depth features and one-on-one interviews.” —



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