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What do we think of 13RW?

I’m curious about something. If you’ve read the book 13 Reasons Why and watched the show, what do you think about them? I’m answer #3. I liked the book but reading about things and seeing them are not the same thing. What did you think?


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Read It First!

The100Before you watch the first episode of The 100 on the CW, check out the book! After the Earth suffers extreme radiation poisoning, humans colonize the moon. A century passes before the colonists decide it’s time to go back and try to live on Earth again. They send 100 teenage criminals on a mission to Earth to find out what they’ll face if they re-colonize. What will they find on Earth? Will the 100 survive? Find out in The 100 by Kass Morgan. It’s got action, adventure, and a little romance. Read it, watch it, compare it. Will TV make the book better or worse? You be the judge!

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Saw the Movie or TV Show? Read the Book!

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10 Things You Might Not Know About the Library

  1. We have TV series on DVD.  Come in and check out Glee, Modern Family, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Vampire Diaries, The Office and more.
  2. You can take practice tests for the ACT, PSAT, SAT, AP Exams and more using our Testing and Education Reference Center.  You can also see in-depth information about college programs.  Just click here to access the Testing Center.  Your user ID is your Winfield Library card number.  

  3. We’ve got a Flickr photostream with pictures from library events.  Check it out at

  4. If you forget your library card, but you have your school photo ID with your name on it, you may still check out library materials. 

  5. Our all ages chess club meets once a month.  The next meeting is Saturday, December 11 at 10:00 a.m.  The club meets in our Youth Services department, but adults, teens, and kids are all welcome to join. 

  6. If you need to do research for a school project, click here to access Encyclopedia Britannica to get biographical information, timelines, atlases, country comparisons and for general research.  You can even make your own custom charts to compare information.  Your password is your library card number. 

  7. Back issues of magazines may be checked out for two weeks.  Check out the teen magazines, like Alternative Press, Shonen Jump, Mad Magazine, Teen Voices, Seventeen, Game Informer and more. 

  8. If you need a book but we don’t have it, you can request an interlibrary loan and we’ll get it for you from another library.  Just ask for a form at the front desk. 

  9. If you have to write a paper about a social issue, like abortion, cloning, global warming, or another controversial issue, SIRS Knowledge Source is perfect for you.  A quick call to the library will get you the password information if you have a Winfield Library card. 

  10. We have a suggestion box in the teen area of the library.  Drop in a card with the names of books you want me to buy, ideas for library programs, or general comments.  If you want a personal response, put your name and number or email on the card.  Anonymous suggestions are welcome, too!

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Team Stefan or Team Damon?

 Can’t get enough of The Vampire Diaries?  Check out the books by L.J. Smith:
 The Awakening and The Struggle  The Fury and Dark Reunion The Return: Nightfall
If you’re trying to remember everything that happened last season on The Vampire Diaries, you can always check out season one on DVD at the library.
Team Damon all the way,


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We’re slowly but surely adding some TV series on DVD to the library.  We’re getting the first six seasons of Lost and NCIS, but what else do you think we should have?  Comment me and let me know what TV shows you want the library to buy on DVD and I’ll do my best!


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I Vote Glee

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