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Check out the hatching!

The chicks are close to hatching! Go to the Youth Services desk and you can hear them cheeping from inside their eggs. 😀 We expect the hatching to start in the next day or so, then we’ll have the chicks in their own pen for a couple of weeks so people can visit them. Come check it out!


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Check it out…

Check out the kids department starting tomorrow, when our chick incubation project will start! We’ll have 24 eggs incubating for around 21 days, until it’s hatching time! The chicks will be with us for a few weeks, then given to a local farm.

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Donate Your Old Books!


If you have books you have to part with, donate them to the library book sale! From now through March 10, we’ll take your old books for our book sale – just drop them off at the library. Make room for new stuff, and then come to the sale in March to buy. Someone else’s donation could be your treasure!

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Bring In Your Book Donations!

Hey, did you know the library’s book sale is next month? Make some room on your shelves by donating some of your already-read books to the book sale! You can come in to the library to donate your books anytime we’re open from now until September 9. And mark your calendar for the book sale, September 7-9, where someone else’s donation could become your new favorite book!

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Book Donation Time!

Do you have books that you don’t read anymore just sitting on your shelves? Donate them to the book sale! The Library Friends have book sales to raise money for the library – including money for teen summer reading prizes!!! Just drop off your book donations at the downstairs desk and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll accept donations through March 11. And remember to come to the sale March 9, 10 or 11 to see if there’s something you want to buy!

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I’m back for real!

Hey everyone, guess what? I wasn’t back blogging on January 3rd! You might have noticed. Well, I had an unexpected couple of weeks off thanks to being sick. Whiiiiiiiich wasn’t great. But I’m back now, ready to get blogging again.

Let’s start 2017 off with a question. Believe it or not, I’m already starting planning for summer programs. I want your input!

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Check us out on Pinterest

pinterestlogoVisit and find boards for program updates, book recommendations, database information, and new book releases! There’s a board just for new teen books, too. We’re just getting started on Pinterest, so be sure to pin us and check back for more content soon.

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