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Ask the librarian

I like blogging, dont’ get me wrong. Telling you people what’s going on at the library is definitely one of the more fun parts of my job. BUT, sometimes the well just runs dry! My brain can’t take come up with one thing to talk about today, so I figured I’d give you the chance to get to know me a little better.

What have you always wanted to know but didn’t want to ask? Want to know how I pick what books to buy? If being a librarian is fun/dull/exciting/boring?

Here’s a tidbit about me to start you off:

Was it my life’s dream to be a librarian?
Actually…no. Before this I wanted to be a singer (age 10), an English teacher (age 16), a globe-trotting travel writer visiting exotic locales but never spending a dime of my own money (age 21) and tons of other things in between. So how did I end up becoming a librarian? Well, if you want to know that, lurkers…ask.



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Time to de-lurk

I’ve checked my blog statistics, ok?  I know you’re out there,  enjoying the delightful postings this blog has to offer while offering up nary a comment of your own.  What’s up with you lurkers out there?  Got a book you’re dying to tell us about? A program you want us to offer?  Just general thoughts/rants/ideas about life?  Tell us – we’re the ones who can actually buy that book for the library, or start a program that you want.  We have the power, people, but first we need YOU to tell us what you want! 

Katie (who expects comments, comments galore!)

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