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March 26, 2012 at 1:27 pm Leave a comment

The wait is over! Here’s my review of the Hunger Games movie – if you haven’t read the books, or if you want to see the movie without knowing anything specific, don’t read this review!

First and foremost, I thought it was a great book adaptation – it was very faithful to the book, probably because Suzanne Collins co-wrote the script. Of course, they can’t fit in everything (I wish there had been more Rue and Katniss bonding and more Haymitch being drunk and belligerent), but the major things you want to see were there.

The contrast between District 12 and the Capitol was very effective – it made you realize yet again how the districts are fighting to survive while the Capitol residents are for the most part oblivious and superficial. The costumes on the Capitol residents were amazing, and of course Cinna’s costumes for Katniss and Peeta stole the show.

I loved the way they showed the behind the scenes parts of the games, like Seneca Crane and the gamemakers manipulating the arena and tracking the tributes.  Those scenes we don’t really see in the book because it’s from Katniss’ POV, so that was something new the movie could bring.

I’ve said before that Rue’s death was the scene they HAD to get right, and I think they did a good job making you feel how tragic and senseless it truly was for this young girl to die like she did. It was a great set up to the scenes in District 11 in the second book.

I could go on (and on and on….) but I want to know what you thought! Comment me on your favorite parts of the move, or what you wish they had done differently, or what you’re most looking forward to in the next movie.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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