The Mosts

January 13, 2011 at 4:30 pm Leave a comment

This is it! Week six of our winter reading program, “6 Weeks – 6 Books” is finally here. Remember to turn in your book logs by this Saturday to be entered into the grand prize drawing!  I’ve been reading a book a week along with you guys, and here’s my sixth and final book review:

“I was one of the Mosts. Though it wasn’t official until last spring, I’d been in the clique from practically the first day of my freshman year.  Thanks to Thom….Lately I’d been wondering if these girls would be my friends at all if it hadn’t been for Thom.”

Madeline is the Most Popular girl at Freeport Academy.  But would she have become a Most if she hadn’t been dating Thom?  When Thom moves from Maine to California, suddenly the source of her popularity is all Madeline can think about, and she’ll do whatever it takes to visit him and cement their status as Class Couple.  

All Madeline needs is some cash for a plane ticket and she’s golden.  But the only way to get money fast is by helping some of the kids who work on her stepdad’s farm become more popular.  The only problem is that being seen with the ‘farm freaks’ may be even worse for her status than losing Thom.  What’s a Most to do?!

My Review:  I really liked how Madeline’s insight into what the farm volunteers were going through came from her own unpopularity before going out with Thom as well as her fear of being banished from The Mosts.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go from normal student to suddenly being a part of the most popular, powerful clique at school, check out The Mosts.  Even though it focuses on Madeline, the book has lots of great characters:  Caro, the selfish leader of The Mosts; Elinor, a ‘farm freak’ whose bad haircut hides a good heart; and Sam, the laid-back, confident guy who’s waiting for Madeline to decide what – and who – she really wants. 

Check out the fun The Mosts by Melissa Senate now at the library. 


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