The Rise of Renegade X

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All Damien Locke wants for his 16th birthday is a new thumbprint.  He’s looked forward his entire life to the day his V thumbprint would appear and he’d be transformed into a true villain.  Heroes get an H, too, but Damien knows that with a mother like The Mistress of Mayhem, he’s guaranteed a V and a spot at Vilmore Academy in the fall.

But instead of his dream coming true, what Damien gets is a nightmare.  Not only does he not get a V, he gets an X, which means his true father is…no…he can’t be…a superhero?!  Now he’s a walking urban legend come true, neither villain nor hero, just…an X.  An unknown quantity who can turn out to be an H or a V depending on his actions.  So even though Damien thought he’d be a V for life, when he goes (against his will) to live with his superhero dad, it turns out he really does have some H inside him after all. 

Is his new dad’s influence enough to overcome 16 years of villainy and turn him into a full-blown hero or will Damien make it to Vilmore after all?

My Review: Damien’s transition from homeschooled supervillain-in-training to high school student  living with a superhero dad and three half-siblings was hilarious.  If you have a kind of dark sense of humor, you’ll love the pranks Damien pulls on his ex-friends, his dad, and his new classmates.  I liked how he tried his best to be true to his villainous roots but sometimes the hero in him would come out in spite of himself.  

I also enjoyed the love triangle in the book – Damien still likes his ex, a villain, but also likes a girl at school who wants to be his heroic sidekick (the fearless Renegade X and his sidekick, Cosine!). He could still turn out to be either villain or hero, so who should he choose to be with? Who should he choose to be, period? Hero or Villain?  There were times I wanted him to end up a villain like he’d planned, and times I wanted him to give in to his more heroic side.  By the end of the book, a choice is made, but I hope we haven’t seen the last of Renegade X.

If you’ve read and liked any of the books on the “Superheroes and Evil Geniuses” booklist I posted yesterday, you should give The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea M. Campbell a try.  It’s available now at the library. You can read chapter one at



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