New New New

What if it’s us 
by Becky Albertalli

The story of two very different boys who cannot decide if the universe is pushing them together or pulling them apart. 

Freedom trials 
by Meredith Tate

Imprisoned for a crime that has been wiped from her memory, a teen navigates the hostilities of her fellow prisoners and risks execution by competing for her freedom in an excruciating series of challenges, an effort that is complicated by revelations about the crime that sent her to prison.

Ignite the stars 
by Maura Milan

When the notorious I.A. Cocha is captured by the Olympus Commonwealth and revealed to be a sixteen-year-old girl, she is sentenced to correctional rehabilitation at a training ground for the elite Star Force where she forms unlikely alliances.

Black wings beating 
by Alex London

Twins Kylee and Brysen must fight for survival in a remote valley called Six Villages as war approaches, Kylee by rejecting her ancient gifts for falconry and Brysen by striving to find greatness.

Jack of hearts (and other parts) 
by Lev AC Rosen

Targeted with ostracism and gossip for having openly gay relationships, a teen sex advice columnist begins to receive creepy and threatening love letters from someone who would force him back into the closet. 

Imagine us happy 
by Jennifer Yu

A high school junior struggling with near-debilitating depression unexpectedly bonds with a senior boy who understands what she is going through and starts to neglect her responsibilities before a dramatic spiral reveals her new friend’s own scars. 

by Jill Baguchinsky

Landing a coveted internship at an Ice Age dig site in Texas, a plus-sized, bullied paleontology student struggles to prove herself in her male-dominated field when her famous mentor steals credit for one of her accomplishments.

The Lying Woods 
by Ashley Elston

Discovering that his father has run away after embezzling millions from their small Louisiana community, a once-wealthy boy searches for answers while completing his final year of school surrounded by resentful locals, including one who makes alarming threats. 


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New Teen Audiobooks

Never Say Die 
by Anthony Horowitz

Book on Playaway. Fifteen-year-old MI6 agent Alex Rider travels around the world on a dangerous mission to destroy the deadly terrorist organization, Scorpia, once and for all.

That’s Not What Happened 
by Kody Keplinger

Book on Playaway. In the three years since the Virgil County High School Massacre, a story has grown up around one of the victims, Sarah McHale, that says she died proclaiming her Christian faith–but Leanne Bauer was there, and knows what happened, and she has a choice: stay silent and let people believe in Sarah’s martyrdom, or tell the truth.

Dear Evan Hansen 
by Benj Pasek

Book on Playaway. Evan is shy, lonely, and bullied for it. He has a chance encounter with Connor Murphy–just before Connor commits suicide. Evan’s life suddenly gets turned around, and suddenly he isn’t invisible anymore to the girl of his dreams–Connor’s sister, Zoe, who believes Evan was Connor’s only friend. As Evan goes from being a nobody to everyone’s hero and a social media superstar, Evan is filled with confidence until things start unraveling.

by Neal Shusterman

Book on CD. A lengthy California drought escalates to catastrophic proportions, turning Alyssa’s quiet suburban street into a warzone, and she is forced to make impossible choices if she and her brother are to survive.

This story is a lie 
by Tom Pollock

Book on CD. Seventeen-year-old mathematical genius Peter Blankman battles his lifelong panic attacks as he tries to find his missing twin sister, Bel, and those who nearly assassinated his mother, a famous scientist.

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New Sequels & Series Books

Dark divide 
by Sonja Stone

A sequel to Desert Dark finds Nadia quietly rejoining her classmates at Desert Mountain Academy only to discover that she is being tracked by a relentless pursuer with a frightening, life-risking agenda.

Nyxia unleashed 
by Scott Reintgen

Receiving a Babel mission to extract the most valuable material in the universe without upsetting an indigenous population, Emmett and the rest of the Genesis survivors find themselves in the crossfire of two powerful enemies. 

by David Levithan

When A discovers there are others who wake up in a different person’s body every day, A gains new understanding of the extremes where love and loneliness can lead. Told from multiple perspectives.

by Scott Westerfeld

A new series set in the world of the mega-best-selling Uglies finds Frey disguised as her twin sister, Rafi, being sent as collateral in a precarious deal in order to protect Rafi from their father’s enemies, but Col, the son of a rival leader, begins to suspect that all is not what it seems, with dangerous consequences. 

A map of days 
by Ransom Riggs

Discovering evidence of Jacob’s grandfather’s double life as an unusual operative, Jacob, Miss Peregrine, Emma and their unconventional friends find themselves in an untamed landscape filled with rules and dangers that none of them understand. 

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New Graphic Novels

Deadendia : the watcher’s test 
by Hamish Steele

When Barney gets a job at Dead End, a theme park haunted house, he discovers it is also a portal to hell, and must battle demonic party poopers with help from his best friend Norma and his talking dog Pugsley.

by Tony Sandoval

Mila is a solitary teenager ready to put another boring summer vacation behind her until she meets Agnes, an adventurous girl who turns out to be a ghost. And not just a regular ghost, but one carrying the essence of an ancient fallen king and a mouth full of teeth that used to be his guardian warriors.

The prince and the dressmaker 
by Jen Wang

An illustrated fairy tale set in Paris at the dawn of the modern age, where a cross-dressing prince hides his identity as a popular fashion icon and falls for a brilliant dressmaker who knows his secret at the same time his royal parents begin searching for a traditional bride for him to marry.

Anne Frank’s diary : the graphic adaptation 
by David Polonsky

Authorized by the Anne Frank Foundation in Basel, a first graphic adaptation of the young holocaust diarist’s poignant story includes extensive quotations from the definitive edition and faithfully conveys the immediacy and spirit of Frank’s experiences in hiding.

Scales & scoundrels : Into the Dragon’s Maw Volume 1, Into the dragon’s maw 
by Sebastian Girner

Forced to join a team of scraggly adventurers on her quest to reach the Dragon’s Maw, Luvander soon finds her road to riches turning into an epic adventure.

On a sunbeam 
by Tillie Walden

Interweaves the story of a crew traveling into deep space to rebuild beautiful, broken structures, with that of a pair of teen girls who meet at boarding school and fall deeply in love.

Hey, kiddo 
by Jarrett Krosoczka

Shares the author’s upbringing in a family grappling with addiction and how he used art to survive.

by Brenna Thummler

When Marjorie, a practical teen in charge of her family’s laundry business, encounters Wendell, a ghost seeking purpose in the forbidden human world, the pair must find a solution to Wendell’s hauntings that are causing chaos in Marjorie’s life.

The divided earth : The Divided Earth 
by Faith Erin Hicks

As the Nameless City endures a siege, Rat and Kaidu must sneak into Prince Erzi’s palace to retrieve the formula for a lost weapon of mass destruction before he can use it.

To kill a mockingbird 
by Fred Fordham

A graphic-novel adaptation of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning classic combines themes of race, injustice and transformation in the Deep South of the 1930s.

Last pick.  
by Jason Walz

In a world where aliens have taken over Earth, abducted every human they deemed useful, and abandoned the rest, twins Sam and Wyatt struggle to start a revolution of the unwanteds.

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Enjoy your winter break!


The library will be closed:
Monday, December 24
Tuesday, December 25
Monday, December 31
Tuesday, January 1

Make sure to come in to stock up on books, magazines, music, and movies before we’re closed for the holidays!

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New Nonfiction

The ASD Independence Workbook : Transition Skills for Teens & Young Adults With Autism 
by Ph.D Tabone, Francis

Presented in an easy-to-follow format, this workbook is designed to help readers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) gain practice with interactions they will inevitably encounter in everyday life–in school, on the job, and in their communities.

The pride guide : a guide to sexual and social health for LGBTQ youth 
by Jo Langford

Jo Langford offers a complete guide to sexual and social development, safety, and health for LGBTQ youth and those who love and support them. 

Doing it! 
by Hannah Witton

Provides information and advice for teenagers on sex-related issues, including sexual readiness, body image, consent, contraception, sexting, the LGBTQ movement, and sex shaming.

Modern HERstory : stories of women and nonbinary people rewriting history 
by Blair Imani

From the Civil Rights Movement and Stonewall riots through Black Lives Matter and beyond, this inspiring and radical celebration profiles 70 women who, coming from backgrounds and communities that are traditionally overlooked and under-celebrated, have changed—and are still changing—the world.

We are not yet equal : understanding our racial divide 
by Carol Anderson

From the end of the Civil War to the tumultuous issues in America today, an acclaimed historian reframes the conversation about race, chronicling the powerful forces opposed to black progress in America.

LGBTQ : the survival guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens 
by Kelly Huegel

Presents a resource for gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and queer teenagers, covering such topics as coming out, confronting prejudice, gender identity, and making healthy choices.

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New this month…

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Phantom Wheel
by Tracy Deebs

What it’s about: After being tricked into creating a data-stealing virus for greedy tech company Jacento, six teen hackers join forces to destroy the virus before it unleashes digital devastation.

Why you might like it: Pairing complex characters with a pulse-pounding pace, this cyberthriller is “a must-read for every aspiring hacktivist” (Kirkus Reviews).

A blade so black 
by L. L. McKinney

What it’s about: By day, Alice juggles a slipping GPA, a high-maintenance best friend, and an overprotective mom, but by night she heads to the dark realm known as Wonderland to battle monstrous creatures to save her mentor.

Why you might like it: “The inclusion of various cultures, skin tones, languages, ages, and sexual orientations is expertly woven into the narrative and world-building. Teens will root for Alice as a strong, multidimensional black girl usually unseen in YA fiction.” (SLJ)

The dark descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein 
by Kiersten White

What it’s about: A dark reimagining of Shelley’s classic is told from the point of view of Elizabeth, Victor Frankenstein’s adopted sister, who as they enter adulthood is challenged to manage her brother’s dangerous temper and inclination to pursue depraved experiments.

Why you might like it: “Skillful worldbuilding and foreshadowing steadily build suspense to a breathtaking climax. Fans of psychological horror will luxuriate in the familiar feel of the timeless story and thrill at its unexpected twists.” (PW)

The chaos of now 
by Erin Jade Lange

What it’s about: Recruited to join a team in a prestigious hacking competition, Eli soon discovers that his teammates’ real purpose is seeking revenge for the bullying that led to their former member’s suicide.

Why you might like it: “young coders will be thrilled to see themselves portrayed in a strong and positive light beyond the usual stereotypes.” (Booklist) 

Lady’s guide to petticoats and piracy 
by Mackenzi Lee

What it’s about: Hoping to travel to Germany to ask for help enrolling in medical school, Felicity has no money for the trip until a mysterious woman offers to travel with her and pay her way, which ends up entangling Felicity in a perilous quest across Europe.

Series alert: For fans of the first book in this series, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, this is “an incredible, must-have follow-up full of old characters and new, blood and guts, and a delightful barrage of sarcasm.” (SLJ)

Bridge of Clay 
by Markus Zusak

What it’s about: A youth from a family of five brothers who love, fight and reckon with adults in order to survive discovers the poignant secret about their father’s disappearance before seeking redemption by building an extraordinary bridge.

Author alert: By the award-winning author of The Book Thief. 

Sawkill Girls 
by Claire Legrand

The setting: Sawkill Rock, home to wealthy people, beautiful horses, and a legendary monster that preys on young women.

Featuring: outsider Zoey, who refuses to give up on her missing best friend; newcomer Marion, whose sister just disappeared; and privileged Val, who might be trapped by her family’s dark legacy.

Read it for: atmospheric, magic-tinged horror starring diverse teen girls who band together to battle evil.

The geography of lost things 
by Jessica Brody

What it’s about: When her estranged father passes away and bequeaths her a vintage car, Ali embarks on a road trip with her ex, whose growing collection of seemingly random objects from eccentric strangers they meet along the way begins revealing truths about Ali’s father.

Why you might like it: “The scavenger hunt structure adds a spin to a familiar story about a teen moving through loss and into forgiveness.” (PW)

by Neal Shusterman

What it’s about: When a longtime drought in California escalates to catastrophic levels, turning her once-quiet suburban street into a warzone of desperation, a teen is forced to make life and death decisions to protect her family.

Why you might like it: “Lovers of horror action fiction will feel right at home with this terrifyingly realistic story of our tenuous relationship with the environment and of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of desperate situations.” (Booklist)

Give the dark my love 
by Beth Revis

What it’s about: A misfit scholarship student at an elite academy for medicinal alchemists bonds with a new friend while experimenting with dark magic to find a cure for a deadly plague that has been sweeping through their homeland.

Is it for you? Try it if you want a “complex and atmospheric mix of fantasy, family secrets, and political intrigue.” (Kirkus)

The rule of one 
by Ashley Saunders

What it’s about: In a dystopian United States with a ruthless one-child policy, twins Ava and Mira keep their existence secret by trading places each day, but when they are discovered, they become hunted fugitives and flee into remote sections of the country.

Reviewers say: “As they leave their old life behind, Ava and Mira grapple with existing as two separate people for the first time. Both tense and liberating, this shift in their identities only increases the stakes as the girls figure out their roles in the rising rebellion.” (Kirkus)


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